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For New Senior Members

Welcome New CAP Senior Member!!

Thank you so much for making the decision to donate your time and energy to help us meet the challenges of our Congressionally mandated missions!  We are so happy to welcome you to our organization.  Now, let's get you started on the journey of your Civil Air Patrol career.

While waiting for approval of your application, please download and read the New Member Welcome booklet and the "Respect on Display" pamphlet located in the New Member Kit on our national website.

Upon approval of your application, you will receive an email from CAP National Headquarters (NHQ) that will invite you to register and login to eServices.  Please do so as soon as possible.  eServices is our intranet platform that will allow you to track your records and activities in CAP and will be the platform used for most training and testing throughout CAP.  To access eServices, simply visit or to register on eServices, visit  After initial registration and upon your first login, you will be prompted to complete OPSEC (Operational Security.)  OPSEC is required for all members.  For any questions on OPSEC, please visit the OPSEC page on NHQ's website or contact your Squadron Commander.

Once OPSEC is completed, it's time to start your Professional Development! Civil Air Patrol's Professional Development (PD) consists of 5 levels designed to equip you with all of the information and training you need to be a highly successful Senior Member and to promote within the CAP Senior Member program.  The five levels are:

Level I (Orientation)

Where it all begins...


  • Level 1 Orientation Course online
  • Summary Conversation with Squadron Commander
  • Planning Session with Squadron Professional Development Officer (PDO)

Level II (Technical Training)

Learning your way around the squadron and learning your job.


  • Squadron Leadership School
  • Specialty Track Technician Training
  • Officer Basic Course
  • Staff Service

Level III (Management)

Taking yourself out of the squadron and learning to lead others.


  • Corporate Learning Course
  • Specialty Track Senior Training
  • Yeager Test
  • Conference Attendance
  • Staff/Command Service

Level IV (Command & Staff)

Mastering your craft, leading more.


  • Region Staff College
  • Specialty Track Master Training
  • Course Director/Staff/Instructor Service
  • Continued Staff/Command Service

Level V (Executive)

Putting everything together... being a role model.


  • National Staff College
  • Continued Course Director/Staff/Instructor Service
  • Continued Staff/Command Service
  • Mentoring Junior Officers/NCOs

Start your Journey!

That may seem like a ton of work to do, but don't worry.... it starts off easy!  The first step is to complete Level I on eServices. Level I is required for all Senior Members prior to interaction with any cadets and prior to your assignment to any duty position within the Squadron. Level I is completed via our Learning Management System (LMS) on eServices located at  Look for "Level 1 Orientation Starting Your Journey."

After completing Level I, request a meeting with your Squadron Commander which will consist of a quick review and formulating a plan for your future journey!

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