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For New Cadets

Welcome to the CAP Cadet Program!

Let's get you started on your journey!

Step 1

Upon approval of your application, you will receive an email from CAP National Headquarters (NHQ) that will invite you to register and login to eServices.  Please do so as soon as possible.  eServices is our intranet platform that will allow you to track your records and activities in CAP and will be the platform used for most training and testing throughout CAP.  

Step 2

After initial registration and upon your first login, you will be prompted to complete OPSEC (Operational Security.)  OPSEC is required for all members.  For any questions on OPSEC, please visit the OPSEC page on NHQ's website or contact your Squadron Commander.

Step 3

Your New Cadet Kit should take 10-14 days to arrive from NHQ.  They will be mailed to the address you placed on your application.  But we want to get you started as quickly as possible!  The first achievement in the Cadet Program is the Maj Gen John F. Curry Achievement.  While waiting for your New Cadet Packet to arrive, you can begin reading and studying Chapter 1 of "Learn to Lead" online at the Cadet Library.

Step 4

When you are ready to take the test, you will login to eServices and then visit  Once the Leadership Test is passed, you will want to email your Flight Sergeant to schedule your Drill and Ceremonies Test.

Once you complete these two tests and attempt the Cadet Physical Fitness Test, you are eligible to be awarded the Curry Achievement and receive the Curry Blues Voucher to cover most of the costs of your Blues Uniform!


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