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For Cadets

How to Join

Cadets who have already visited our Squadron at least three times can submit their application by visiting our Join Online page.

Information for New Cadets

If you have recently joined and are looking for what to do to get started on your CAP journey, visit our For New Cadets Page!

How to Properly Wear Your Uniform

YOUR UNIFORM is a visual representation of your commitment to the Core Values.  Find out how to wear it properly on our Wearing the Uniform page.

How do I promote or "rank up"?

Need to find out what you need to do to promote?  Check out our Cadet Super Chart to see what you need!  Use our Cadet Personal Tracker to track all of your progress through the CAP Cadet Program!

How do I request a Drill Test?

Requesting a Drill Test is easy, just complete and submit the form on our Request Drill Test page.

How do I request my promotion be processed?

Simply complete and submit the form on our Request Promotion page and staff will double check all requirements have been met.  If they have, staff will schedule your promotion.  If not, they will email you to let you know what you are lacking.

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New Cadet Guide

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