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How To: SQTR Entries

Specialty Qualification Training Records (SQTR) Entry Instructions

To view a SQTR worksheet or interact (submit a task, delete a task, submit or resubmit an achievement, multi-entry or print a blank SQTR) you need to navigate to the SQTR "Entry/View Worksheet" module in Operations Qualifications (OPSQUALS) in eServices by clicking the link above or by navigating to eServices > Menu > Operations > Operations Qualifications.

Refer to Operations Support « Education and Training for additional SQTR information, such as Qualified Supervisors, Skills Evaluator Training, Sortie Equivalency, etc.

SQTR Tasks

View a Task
  • Search for a member using by using the member's CAPID or Name.
  • Select the desired achievement or task from the *Achievement dropdown list. The SQTR for the selected achievement will display.
  • Each task for a SQTR is represented by a "task box" containing the Task's status, name, and four input fields (Completion Date, Evaluator's CAPID, Mission Number, and Certification Number)
  • Tasks' names may be shown shorted; hover over the task's name to view its entire name.
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  • All tasks that have not been completed are indicated with a gray status bar
Submit a Task
  • See "View a Task".
  • Select any task to update (or for a new submission) by clicking the checkbox located next the the task's name.
    • All currently selected tasks will turn from its current colored status (Green, Red, etc.) to a Navy color.
    • All task input fields will clear once the task is selected.
  • Enter all required fields and click the submit button to save changes.
  • Training achievements will be assigned when all required training tasks have been completed.
  • Once all required tasks are completed for an achievement, the achievement will be submitted for approval.
Delete a Task
  • See "View a Task".
  • Select any task to delete by clicking the checkbox located next the the task's name.
Initial vs. Renewal SQTR
  • The SQTR Entry module will detect whether or not you can enter the Initial SQTR tasks or the Renewal SQTR tasks. If you currently hold an achievement, excluding ones that are pending approval, only renewal tasks for the achievement will be shown.
  • Initial and renewal achievement submissions will be based on the achievement's most recent completed task. This task determines the achievement's completion and expiration dates.
  • Once an achievement becomes "ACTIVE", all task that were completed before the achievement's completion date will be cleared for future renewals. Tasks are renewed if they are submitted after this date.
  • When renewal tasks are shown, all tasks, only the most recently updated, for the selected SQTR can be displayed by clicking the blue "Click to view recent update to all tasks submitted for this SQTR. (Only renewal tasks are shown below)" bar, located just below the count area for all tasks completed/required.
SQTR Task's Status

All tasks are color coded by its current status with the following colors and meaning:

  • Tasks and Achievements
    • ACTIVE: Task has been submitted and approve or validated.
    • PENDING: Before becoming active, the task is pending validation or approval.
    • NONE: Task has no status and has not been completed/submitted.
    • SELECTED: A task has been selected for submission.
  • Tasks Only
    • EXPIRED, NOT APPROVED, SAFTEY INCOMPLETE, NIMS TRAINING INCOMPLETE: Achievement has elasped, denied approval, or missing a requirement.
    • TRAINING: Achievement has completed all requirements to be assigned as a Trainee.
    • SUSPENDED: Achievement has been suspended.
Additional Notes
  • Some achievements may not have any initial and/or renewal SQTR tasks listed. These achievements may be submited without SQTR task validation. See "Submit an Achievement".
  • View detailed information about a task by hovering over its status. A pop-up box will show with this information.
  • The status of a selected SQTR is shown just below the *Achievement dropdown list. The number of tasks currently completed for the SQTR and required are displayed.
  • Tasks not requiring a Skill Evaluator will not show a field for that data in the task box.
  • To make the same entries for several tasks, complete one, check all the others that you want it to apply to and then click the "Copy to All Selected" icon at the top right of the task box that has all the data to be copied.
  • All achievements listed for a SQTR are read-only. Visit these achievements by selecting it from the Achievement dropdown list or by clicking the "View/Update this Achievement" link shown within the achievement's area.
  • Any member holding a permision for ES validations, for a unit or above, is allowed to validate a task that is awaiting an evaluator's validation within the member's unit. This action is allowed to prevent cases where a supervisor may not validate a tasks in a reasonable time frame.
  • MP - SAR/DR Mission Pilot: Renewals for MP can be done via renewal tasks or from the renewal of the CAPF 91.
  • Completion Date Field: Only current and past dates are allowed for submission.
  • Use the "Resubmit SQTR" button to resubmit the current SQTR for any training requests, approval requests, or qualification validation.
  • Evaluator Field
    • Only valid skills evaluators that have been approved in the Skill Evaluator module will be accepted.
    • Evaluators will be notified of tasks requiring their approval.
    • Organizations (Red Cross, etc) may be entered as an Evaluator by selecting the "Other Organization" option from the Evaluator pop-up.
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    • If a qualified evaluator is entering the tasksfor someone, the tasks will not have to be validated

Submit/Resubmit an Achievement

Submit/Resubmit an Achievement
  • Submitting an Achievement is possible only when an achievement does not have a SQTR listed for it OR to resubmit an achievement of a "NOT APPROVED" status.
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  • Select an achievement from the *Achievement dropdown list, then click the check box of the achievement, which is located in the top-right corner of the screen.
    • Once an achievement is selected for submission, all SQTR tasks, if available, will be blocked from being submitted.
  • Resubmitting an achievement requires that a member currently holds the achievement.
  • Achievements that are resubmitted will use previous completion date submitted for the achievement.
  • Several tasks, such as ones for training, do not require renewal and will not have any renewal tasks listed.
Additional Notes
  • Once an achievement is submitted, it will be sent for approval, unless the user submitting has approval permisions.

Submit SQTR Entries for Multiple Members

  • The Multi Entry page of the SQTR can be used for a large number of task entries.
  • Start by selecting a search method
    • Either search with multiple CAPIDs seperated by a comma OR by selecting each member from within a selected unit.
    • Comma-delimited CAPIDs: A max of 50 CAPIDs may be for each search inquiry.
    • Unit Search: Each user is restricted by their multi-entry permissions when selecting an unit.
  • Select all members, select an achievement, then select all tasks to submit for all members.
  • Enter all required fields and click the submit button to save changes.

Print a blank SQTR

  • Use the Print Blank Worksheets to print empty SQTR Worksheets.
  • Select the desired achievement or task from the *Achievement dropdown list. The SQTR for the selected achievement will display.
  • Click the "Print Worksheet" button, located on the page's left side, to bring up the print option.
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